Sometime back we had a niche product to sell. Not wanting the commitment of opening a full retail store our options were limited, run a market stall, try to sell on-line, or convince a store to consign our product. Consigning meant reducing our margin significantly and on-line proved to be very costly. Like most, we opted for a market stall before eventually committing to a full retail store!

Our store proved successful but not without it’s ups and downs, particularly with cashflow and the cost of rent. The experience opened our eyes to the issues that both aspiring retailers and store owners face today, so we had an idea. Why not build a platform that fills this unmet need and help everyone in the process. This is how CubeMarket was born.

We’re working with Store owners all over Australia to advertise their store to Stock Your products. You simply pay a fixed monthly fee to sell your products in a real store! The store owner gets a fixed revenue stream whilst helping you get your products ‘out there’ at a vastly reduced cost, makes sense right?

Whether you’re a fashion or jewelry designer, baking your own cakes, or even importing the ‘next big thing’, our platform has been designed to get you up-and-selling as quickly as possible. No registration fees or up-front costs, simply search for stores and apply to stock – it’s that simple.

CubeMarket – If you could sell your products in a Real Store, why wouldn’t you?