What is Cubemarket?

Cubemarket is a platform for Store Owners in Australia to let anyone sell products in their Store. The Store owners are effectively renting out spare space to others as they receive a regular monthly income. The video at end of this page may give you a clearer understanding of what we do.

Why become an agent?

We are a start-up business and we currently need Store Owners on-board. As a Cubemarket agent, you will introduce Store Owners to our Free Platform, and as a thank you, we will pay you.

How much can I earn as an agent?

We will pay you $75 for every 5 Store Owners that register and add at least 1 listing. Get 10 Stores on-board and we’ll pay you $150! *

How do I become an agent?

You must have a Paypal account so we can pay you. Simply email us your name, post code and your Paypal email so that we can send you an Agent Code.

Email: contact@cubemarket.com.au

How do I refer a Store Owner

Ideally, walk into the Store and talk to the store owner. This way you can explain the platform and encourage them to sign up immediately. You can start with local shops you frequently visit.

If you have a laptop/tablet or suitable smartphone you can even sign up for them if they are interested.

When a Store Owner Signs-up they must enter your Agent Code in their Profile. This way, we can identify you as the referring agent. If you are signing them up, you can of course enter your Agent Code in their profile for them.

NOTE: We will contact all Store Owners who register to ensure they have given permission and that they are legitimate

What kind of Stores are suitable?

All businesses that have some spare display space are suitable, this includes retail stores, cafes, restaurants, hairdressers etc. Wall space would also be considered suitable, especially for products such as paintings or hanging artwork. You make the judgement, try to think how a store could best utilise their space and suggest this to the Store Owner.

How does the platform work

If you want more details on how the platform operates, go to this link. Below is a video that helps Store Owners understand the benefits of the platform

*Your payments will be sent to your nominated Paypal account. It is your responsibility to ensure the paypal email you send us is valid. All businesses you refer must be Australian based bricks-and-mortar open to the public and suitable for retail. Home-based and on-line stores are not acceptable. Each business that registers must place at least 1 listing, businesses who register but do not add a listing are not counted towards your 5 registration target. It is your responsibility to ensure the business enters your Agent Code in their profile to ensure we know they are YOUR referral.